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Police Officer James Davenport not only faithfully protects and serves his community, he also LOVES dogs!!! Pictured is James enjoying some off time with his best pal Beasley. The two frequently hike in the Adirondacks together and also enjoy camping and going on long car rides! Beasley can't drive so James handles that.

A few weeks ago when on duty, James was patrolling the area of Cass Park when he ran into Wendy. Wendy was very upset because her beagle had just escaped the dog park. Driven by his love for dogs and his desire serve, James got to work quickly and ultimately helped Wendy find her lost beagle. Wendy then took the time to write a nice thank you card that she sent to IPD which really captured how meaningful and impactful even the small interactions our Police Officers have with our community can be. We are lucky to have hundreds of such interactions every day. The thank you card reads...

Dear Ithaca Police,

I can't begin to find the right words of thanks to everyone I spoke with the day my dog got loose at the doggie park. I was beyond upset as he is a beagle and follows his nose. Being from out of town, I worried that I'd never see him again.

I believe the name of the Officer who assisted with the search is Officer Davenport. He was a calming force in my emotional state. I can't thank him enough.

The woman who answered my phone call and contacted animal control and the officers who came to help was great too! As was animal control.  Thank you doesn't seem enough. Please know I am eternally grateful.


Wendy S.

Great job Officer Davenport! Keep up the good work!



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